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The season for white truffles is short, beginning in September and running into early in the year and the majestic tuber is found in very few parts of Europe - Northern Italy, small parts of Southern France and Croatia, particularly Istria. 

The 2017-2018 season, right across the growing regions, has been one of the worst in recent memory causing great stress to our local truffle hunters. Restauranteurs, chefs and connoisseurs from London to Rome, New York to Moscow have been scrambling desperately to find the smallest amounts, prepared to pay the hugely inflated prices caused by the shortage. 

The locals are keeping as many as possible for the domestic market, where pastes and sauces will be made to preserve what is found so that the delicacy can be offered to visitors next Spring and Summer. 

Meanwhile everybody is praying for a late bonanza before the season ends. Colder weather and less rain would help. The truffles hounds and their bosses are poised.