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The season for white truffles is short, beginning in September and running into early in the year and the majestic tuber is found in very few parts of Europe - Northern Italy, small parts of Southern France and Croatia, particularly Istria. 

Right across the growing regions last season was one of the worst in recent memory with connoisseurs having to pay the hugely inflated prices caused by the shortage. 

The great news for 2018 is that the season is now open and Istrian truffle hunters are quietly optimistic. They are finding the tubers and as the warm Autumn weather continues the finds are getting bigger. Everybody dreams of finding a record-breaker. After all, one of the biggest ever - a Guinness-record holder - was found just down the road in Livade. The Truffle Days Festival there runs every weekend from September until the end of November.

All sorts of Mediterranean fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs grows throughout the Summer in Istria. Strings of fresh garlic and chillis hang from stalls in the markets and by the roadsides alongside fresh cherries and strawberries. Go early to the open-air markets and take your pick of the best local produce and fish landed that morning at nearby harbours.

If you want a break from the kitchen, why not book to one of the recommended local hostelries below and treat yourselves.