Tempests, Sunspots and Jet Streams

We are in the grip of swirling weather systems which crash overhead at the Palazzo accompanied by dive-bombing swirls of martins and swifts over the Castle roof in the evening breaks between downpours.

These systems have been cirling the whole of Continental Europe for the last month causing huge floods from Paris to Southern Germany, where castle courtyards and townhouse cellars are under water. Furniture storage facilities, carefully sited to avoid flood waters, are inundated the length of the Istrian peninsula.

The Palazzo sits on the top of a limestone peak in Oprtalj and is spared floods as the water pours down to the valley and we can hear and see the storms approaching.

The roses in the beautifully landscaped Castle garden are in full bloom and are battered daily by the torrential rainstorms so boughs are cut to save them from destruction. Huge vases of blossoms adorn the castle and their glorious scent hangs in the air.

It isn't cold and the storms pass and we are promised improvements in the weather by the end of the week. But where is our wandering Jet Stream? Why is Scotland, so far to our North, basking in a heatwave hotter than the Mediterranean? Do we have particularly hectic sun spot activity? 

We're watching here at 1200 ft and will keep you posted.

14 Jun 2016