Winter in Oprtalj

Christmas and Boxing Day were foggy wet white-outs followed by a beautiful crisp clear winter day. Weather never lasts long up here at almost 1000 feet. It blows in from the Alps in the north or the Ucka in the east or from across the Mirna valley to the south and moves on.

There have been a few blasts of the Bura - our favourite local wind - already this year.  The flagpoles on the tower rattle and the magnolia bends almost double.  The huge Himalayan rose and the jasmin blow off their moorings on the walls. But no real damage done.

It's snug indoors with blazing fires.  Juniper wood scents the castle wonderfully. Musicians arrive bearing gifts and settle in to play for the evening.  We're expecting a crowd at New Year.  They're already warmiing up.


29 Dec 2013